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Frederick de Moll

CREO Research Visitor; Doctoral Fellow from Goethe University

Frederick de Moll is a Doctoral Fellow from Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. He is also a member of IDeA, an interdisciplinary research center that is devoted to studying the Individual Development and Adaptive Education of Children at Risk.

Frederick received a Master’s degree in Educational Sciences from the University of Wurzburg. Before he began his doctoral work at Frankfurt in 2011, he served as an assistant researcher at the Department of Educational Research at Wurzburg for 2 years. At Frankfurt he works as a research associate on a research project (head: Tanja Betz) that explores variations in child rearing beliefs among parents and teachers and how these beliefs relate to children’s everyday lives and educational opportunities.

Frederick’s work is concerned with the causes of educational inequality that are inherent to educational family practices during middle childhood. He investigates how child rearing practices of parents and elementary school children’s after-school activities form logically connected family practices and how these differ between and within social classes. Moreover, he is interested in how the educational practices of families relate to children’s non-cognitive skills and to their opportunities to succeed in school.

Apart from his dissertation he is working on a project that deals with teachers’ expectations towards parents’ involvement in their children’s work at school. He is especially interested in how teacher’s expectations influence their interactions with parents. In another current project Frederick examines children’s experiences of agency in unstructured after-school activities and how they relate to children’s adjustment to school.