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Megan Andrew

Adjunct Professor of Sociology

Megan Andrew received her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Wisconsin in 2009. Andrew’s research interests include education, social stratification, quantitative methodology, and social psychology. Her dissertation research evaluated different dynamics of social inequality in post-secondary education, including the formation of educational expectations. Her dissertation research was supported by the Spencer Foundation and has been published in Social Forces. Following the completion of her dissertation, Dr. Andrew received a post-doctoral research fellowship from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholars program at the University of Michigan to study education-health gradients among U.S. Latinos.

She is currently working on research on the intergenerational transmission of different types of post-secondary education and how parental influence and investments shape this transmission. Professor Andrew is affiliated with the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity at Notre Dame’s Institute for Educational Initiatives.

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