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Maureen T. Hallinan, Emeritus (1940-2014)

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Maureen Hallinan was the founding director of the Institute for Educational Initiatives and the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity (CREO), as well as the second woman at the University appointed to an endowed chair.

Her impressive scholarly record speaks for itself. She was a prolific scholar who made lasting contributions to numerous areas within the subfield of Sociology of Education, with seminal papers on school effects, ability grouping, interracial friendships, school organization, black-white educational inequality, and sector differences in learning.

Maureen was the author of more than 120 articles in professional journals, was the author or editor of eight books, and had written chapters in many edited volumes.

One of Maureen’s proudest accomplishments was her role in conceiving and editing the Handbook of the Sociology of Education. It is an amazing roadmap of where the field of Sociology of Education has been, and where it must go to mature and progress. More than a decade later, it remains an invaluable resource for researchers, scholars and students.


"Maureen Hallinan was a world-renowned scholar, an inspired witness to faith, and a deeply beloved colleague. She has truly been a disciple who ‘kindles hearts and illumines minds’ with the love of learning and truth."

Rev. Timothy R. Scully, C.S.C.


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